Domestic / Foreign Investment Consulting

Yurtiçi / Yurtdışı Danışmanlık

The main purpose of investment consulting is to ensure the most efficient and the best use of the real estate with the researches made and projections. The main elements to determine the most efficient and the best usage are as follows:

  • Is the use possible and reasonable?
  • Is the use legal? And is there a possibility to obtain legal right for the use?
  • Is the property suitable for use physically or can be made suitable?
  • Can the proposed use be performed financially?
  • The most efficient and best use selected from the forms of utilizations passing the first four questions is the most efficient utilization of land actually.

Within the scope of this service, our company renders services of analysis of your real estate’s status in government agencies, land registration inspection and interpretation of such details from technical and legal aspects

Our Working Areas

  • Analysis of enterprise zones
  • Analysis of regional developments (structuring, transportation planning etc.)
  • Making formal status analysis of real estates
  • Zoning status analysis of real estates
  • Development analysis of zones
  • Today’s and further investment proposals