Get An Offer

You can get an offer by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or by filling out the offer form to have a value assessment for your real estate and machinery.
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    Purpose of usage

    Fill out the Offer Form
    In order to understand the purpose of the report and to make a more accurate and faster offer, fill in the information and documents regarding the purpose of the report and the real estate.
    Submitting an Offer
    We will review the information and documents you have submitted to us and send you our written offer regarding the duration and fee as soon as possible.
    Contract Signature
    After you approve the submitted offer, a contract stating the scope of the work is signed.
    Preparation of the Report
    All official procedures and investigations are completed and a report is prepared.
    Sending the Report
    The prepared report is shared electronically with legal e-signature. A signed copy can also be sent upon request.