Land and Real Estate Project Development

Arsa ve Gayrimenkul Proje Geliştirme

By rendering the service of Land and Real Estate Project Development, we evaluate the zoning plan, physical features and economic opportunities over the land using the market-oriented approach; and determine the status of the land, and therefore we give advice about your optimum investment that can be made for that land. With such service, we allow for the development and comparison of the projects in which you can use the lands in the most efficient and productive way. It is very important to develop the suitable projects for the region in order to create the supply for the demands arising from the regional developments. By taking attention to this importance, our company generates guiding solutions for you through making detailed analysis for the most efficient and productive use of your real estate with the analysis for the regional needs.

Our Working Areas

  • Analysis for Real Estate’s Location
  • Region Analysis (creating a target audience portfolio)
  • Analysis for the Most Efficient and Productive Usage
  • Analysis for Proposals for Usage