Property Valuation

Gayrimenkul Değerleme

Çizgi Real Estate Valuation which has carried out valuation of all kinds of real estates, immovable projects and rights and benefits related to the real estate has ideally met the new demands arising from the valuation area with developments in real estate sector recently with its expert and reliable staff. Çizgi Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş. offering the valuation and consultancy services lays the emphasis on real estate valuation regarding th​e developments in the sector within the economy. In this context, we have determined the right valuation for the right location with using the values named as Market Value, Price and Investment Value, Current Usage Value, Lien Establishment Value, Compulsory Liquidation Value, Regular Liquidation Value / Fair Value and used for different purposes. Our company having CMB (Capital Markets Board) and Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) licenses offers an objective and independent valuation services.

Our Working Areas

  • Developed or Undeveloped Plots (Land, Vineyard, Garden, Plantation, Cultivated Area etc.)
  • Residences and Work Places (Flat, Detached Building, Villa, Mansion, Shop, Bureau, Office etc.)
  • Commercial Constructions (Shopping Mall, Work Places, Plaza, Shopping Centers etc.)
  • Industrial-qualified Real Estates (All kinds of Factory, Production Plants, Work Shops, Storage, Hangar, Manufacturing Plants)
  • Power Plants and Fuel Plants (Gas Stations, Refineries, Fuel Storage Facilities, Hydro-Electric Plants and Wind Power Plants etc.)
  • Real Estates used for Service (Hospital, Polyclinic, School, Dormitory, Car Park, Sports Facilities)
  • Real Estates used for Tourism (Hotel, Motel, Pension, Holiday Village, Accommodation Facilities)
  • Marina, Shipyards and Ports
  • Collective Housing Valuations
  • Logistics-Used Constructions ( Warehouses )
  • Entertainment Facilities and Themed Parks
  • Special Purpose Properties

Alt Başlıklar

Real Estate Appraisal Report on Real Estate Purchases and Sales of Foreigners

The preparation of real estate appraisal report (appraisal report) in real estate purchase and sale transactions of foreigners has become compulsory by the General Directorate of Land Registry Cadastre No. 36189470-125.01.01-756079.

As of 04.03.2019, it has been obligatory to search the real estate appraisal report in all sales transactions in which foreign nationals are both the buyers and sellers.

The valuation report shall reflect the value of the value on the day of the transaction for the structures which are actually finished, the value of which will occur if the building is finished for the immovable properties that are actually unfinished / under construction and for the floor easement.

Such valuation reports shall be valid for 3 months from the date of preparation.

TKGM Circular:

Real Estate Valuation Report For Turkish Citizenship

The legal arrangements have been completed at “Implementing Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law.”  Amending regulation is related to purchasing 400.000 USD worth real estate. The valuation of the purchased real estate is done by CMB licensed companies like our company. In order to getting real estate appraisal report for citizenship transactions, you can get a price quote to appraisal.

Valuation Report for Heritage Sharing in Turkey

Heritage valuation report will be prepared to share a fair and equitable share among the parties that provides a chance to avoid disagreements over whether. In this context, we will prepare valuation reports, and for prevention of disputes that may occur between the rights holders and fair sharing plays an important role.